View the Realtime-Spy Demo

Please login to one of our test accounts on the Realtime-Spy server. This demo account will show you EXACTLY how your user account will look, and how it works. Realtime-Spy's logs are categorized by computer name, and each log can be viewed within their own log viewers by clicking on the various log types on the left side of your member's area.

Realtime-Spy Logs...

  • Text/SMS Messages
  • Applications Usage
  • Website Visits and Usage
  • Voice Call Activity
  • Photo Captures
  • Location Changes

Remote Location Tracking

Realtime-Spy allows you to keep tabs on your mobile device at all times by constantly tracking its location and updating your member's area each time it changes, as well as every 10 minutes. Locations logged can be viewed on a map for easy viewing.

Convenient Monitoring

  • Monitor your Android from Anywhere
  • View logs via your Web-browser
  • Real-time Log Updates
  • Real-time Photo Updates
  • Around the clock, 24/7 Log Access
  • Search and Manage Logs Remotely
  • Remotely Uninstall from Anywhere Review: "Need the best in remote monitoring software? Realtime-Spy is the Diamond award winner!

Realtime-Spy is the best remote monitoring software as it garnered excellent ratings for its remote access, log reporting and monitoring features. It is also very easy to use and is also cheaper compared to other similar remote monitoring software."